Boise Front Geothermal Field Trip 1983

Basic Information
Author: Burnham, W.L., Wood, S.H.
Description:The objectives of this fieldtrip are two-fold. The first is to offer an opportunity to visit the principal sites of development of thermal groundwater for applications in the City of Boise as of early 1983. The second is to see in outcrop those rock units and geologic structural features that are controls on the thermal water system. There are other private developments within and near Boise which can be discussed by trip leaders, but they are not included in the itinerary.
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Organization Name: University of Idaho
Street: Morrill Hall, University of Idaho
City: Moscow
State: ID
Zip: 83844-3014
Phone: 208-885-7991
Geographic Extent
North Bounding Latitude: 49
South Bounding Latitude: 42
East Bounding Longitude: -111
West Bounding Longitude: -117.25