Bibliography of Idaho Geothermal Literature

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Author: Welhan, J., Boyack, D., Kauffman, J.
Description:This document lists reports, theses, journal articles, and government and research institute publications relevant to exploration, characterization, and development of geothermal resources in Idaho for the period 19xx to 2012. The bibliography is organized alphabetically by author as well as by publication source. Where possible, hyperlinks were included to articles or web sites where articles can be obtained. The bibliography will be available for download on the Idaho Geological Survey website ( A subset of this compilation, for literature that would be difficult to access outside of Idaho government, academic and research circles ("gray literature" exclusive of DOE and national laboratory reports), is available on the National Geothermal Data System. Funding for this work was provided by the U. S. Department of Energy Geothermal Technologies Program as part of the Association of American State Geologists' geothermal data project for the National Geothermal Data System under contract IDEE0002850.
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