Chemical modifications of groundwater contaminated by recharge of treated sewage effluent

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Author: Vengosh, Avner, Keren, Rami
Description:The electrolyte compositions of groundwater sampled from well 61, located between the recharge basins (Fig. 1), are used to monitor the interactions of the sewage effluent in the unsaturated zone. The "breakthrough" curve of chloride, which is assumed to behave conservatively in the aquifer, reflects the arrival of the effluent through the 30 m of the unsaturated zone. Long-term monitoring of the chemical composition of recharge sewage effluent and associated contaminated groundwater from the Dan Region Sewage Reclamation Project shows, after 16 years of recharge operation, the presence of a distinct saline plume (up to 400 mg/l cO, extending 1600 m downgradient in the Coastal Plain aquifer of Israel. To download this resource, please see the link provided.
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