Chapter 5: Hydrology and Hydrogeochemistry: Geothermal Reservoir Assessment Case Study, Northern Basin and Range Province, Northern Dixie Valley, Nevada

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Author: Bohm, B. W., Jacobson, R. L., Campana, M. E., Ingraham, N. L.
Description:Chapter 5 in Denton, J. M., E. J. Bell, and R. L. Jodry, 1978-1980, Geothermal Reservoir Assessment Case Study, Northern Dixie Valley, Nevada, Contract No. DE-AC08-79-ET27006, 539 p. The purpose of this portion of the study is to provide hydrologic and hydrogeochemical input to the construction of the Dixie Valley geothermal model. Since some of the most important aspects of hydrothermal reservoir assessment are the fluid characteristics and flow parameters, the hydrology and hydrogeochemistry of a particular reservoir must be considered in the formulation of any hydrothermal reservoir model, even a conceptual or qualitative one. To download this resource, please see the link provided.
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