A Theoretical Assessment of James' Method for the Determination of Geothermal Wellbore Discharge Characteristics

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Author: Karamarakar, M., Cheng, P.
Description:The objectives of this study are: 1. To evaluate the accuracy of James'method for the determination of flow rate, stagnation enthalpy and steam quality in the wellbore by comparing results based on the one-component two-phase critical models by Fauske [6,7], Moody [8] and Levy [9,10]. 2. To investigate the effects of noncondensible gases and dissolved solids on the wellbore discharge characteristics by extending the one-component two-phase critical flow methods to include these extra components. 3. To determine the effects of lip pressure tapping position and pipe diameters on the accuracy of lip pressure measurements, by studying theoretically, the pressure gradients in the approach region to the critical flow. To download this resource, please see the link provided.
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