Chemistry and Movement of Ground Water, Nevada Test Site

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Author: Schoff, S.L., Moore, J.E.
Description:Abstract- Three chemical types of ground water are distinguished at the Nevada Test Site and vicinity. A sodium-potassium water is related to tuff (in part zeolitized) and to alluvium containing detrital tuff. A calcium-magnesium water is related to limestone and dolomite, or to alluvium containing detritus of these rock types. The purpose of this report is to determine if the chemical character of the ground water can be used to predict the direction of groundwater movement from the Nevada Test Site. The report describes the chemical variation of ground water in different basins and relates these variations to aquifer lithology and ground-water movement. USGS OFR- 139. To download this resource, including report text and appendix plates,please see the links provided.
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