Chemical Data for Eight Springs in Northwestern Nevada

Basic Information
Author: Mariner, R.H., Presser, T.S., Evans, W.C.
Description:Chemical analyses of major and minor elements, deuterium and oxygen (18) composition, and gas composition data are tabulated for six hot springs and two cold springs in northwestern Nevada. The hot springs issue in areas of geothermal interest in the San Emidio Desert, Black Rock Desert, and Dixie Valley. Data for the cold springs are Included to establish background silica concentrations and isotope compositions. The normal chemical geothermometers are tabulated for each spring. USGS OFR-76-0001
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Organization Name: Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
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State: NV
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Geographic Extent
North Bounding Latitude: 42.2797
South Bounding Latitude: 38.5335
East Bounding Longitude: -115.796
West Bounding Longitude: -120.19