A Forecast of Geothermal Drilling Activity

Basic Information
Author: Brown, L.G., Mansure, A.J.
Description:Abstract- This paper specifies the numbers of each type of geothermal wells expected to be drilled in the United States for each 5-year period to 2000. The paper presents forecasts of the growth of geothermally supplied electric power and direct heat uses. The paper then quantifies the different types of geothermal wells needed to support the forecasted capacity, including differentiation of the number of wells to be drilled at each major geothermal resource for electric power production. To download this resource, please see the link provided.
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Organization Name: Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
Street: UNR MS 178
City: Reno
State: NV
Zip: 89557
Phone: 775-784-6691
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North Bounding Latitude: 71.8513041908
South Bounding Latitude: 14.2490576006
East Bounding Longitude: -64.3711396458
West Bounding Longitude: -173.355514646