A Case History of Injection at Beowawe, Nevada Geothermal Reservoir

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Author: Benoit, D., Stock, D.
Description:Abstract - Production of 16.7 MW (gross) from a dual-flash power plant commenced in late 1985 at the Beowawe geothermal field. Production was initially from two wells with injection into one well. During the next few years, significant changes occurred throughout the geothermal field. The production wells began to cool, the surficial thermal features diminished, the brine chemistry became more dilute, and the non-condensable gas contents declined sharply. These changes are consistent with recharge of cold meteoric water into the geothermal system. Injection at Beowawe has been into a cold aquifer located in close proximity to, but largely unconnected to, the fracture system containing the geothermal reservoir. Efforts are underway to modify the injection program to permit injectate to be returned directly to the geothermal reservoir. It is hoped this will mitigate the problem of cooling production wells.
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