A material and equipment review of selected U.S. geothermal discrict heating systems

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Author: Rafferty, K. D.
Description:This collection of information was assembled for the benefit of future geothermal system designers and existing system operators. It is intended to provide insight into the experience gained from the operation of 13 major geothermal systems over the past several years. Each chapter contains six or seven sections depending upon the type of system: Introduction, Production Facilities, Distribution, Customer Connections, Metering and Disposal. Some chapters, covering systems which incorporate a closed distribution design, include a section on the central mechanical room. Each section details the original equipment and materials installed in that portion of the system. Following each section is a discussion of the subsequent problems, solutions and modifications relating to the equipment. The extent to which information was available varied from system to system. This is reflected in the length and level of detail of the chapters.
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