City of Alamosa, Colorado, geothermal exploratory-well project: final report, September, 1980 to April, 1983

Basic Information
Author: Phetteplace, D. R., Kunze, J. F.
Description:This report summarizes the Geothermal Exploratory-Well Project for the City of Alamosa, Colorado. In September, 1980, the City of Alamosa made application to the U.S. Department of Energy for a program which, in essence, provided for the Department of Energy to insure that the City would not risk more than 10% of the total cost in the well if the well was a failure. If the well was a complete success, such as 650 gpm and 230F temperature, the City was responsible for 80% of the costs for drilling the well and there would be no further obligation from the Department of Energy. The well was drilled in November and early December, 1981, and remedial work was done in May and June, 1982. The total drilled depth was 7,118 ft. The well was cased to 4,182 ft., with a slotted liner to 6,084 ft. The maximum down hole temperature recorded was 190F at 6,294 ft. Testing immediately following the remedial work indicated the well had virtually no potential to produce water. Elevation was reported as the range 2,290- 2,335. The maximum elevation value was entered into the surface elevation field.
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Organization Name: Department of Energy
Street: 1000 Independence Ave
City: Washington
State: DC
Zip: 20585
Phone: 202-586-5000
Geographic Extent
North Bounding Latitude: 38.1
South Bounding Latitude: 37.4167
East Bounding Longitude: -105.6
West Bounding Longitude: -106.35