Annotated geothermal bibliography of Utah

Basic Information
Author: Karin E. Budding and Miriam H. Bugden, Compilers
Description:Annotated geothermal bibliography of Utah (1986). The geothermal bibliography of Utah was compiled under Department of Energy (DOE) Grant DEFG07-84IDI2543. Utah Geological and Mineral Survey (UGMS) Staff assisting in the compilation included Kathleen A. Murphy, Patricia H. Speranza, and Sandra N. Eldredge.
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Organization Name: Utah Geological Survey
Street: 1594 W. North Temple, PO 146100
City: Salt Lake City
State: Utah
Zip: 84114
Phone: 801-537-3300
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North Bounding Latitude: 42.2089900224
South Bounding Latitude: 36.9288170163
East Bounding Longitude: -108.997558057
West Bounding Longitude: -114.402831495