An Introduction to Thermogeology: Ground Source Heating and Cooling. 2nd Edition

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Author: Banks, David
Description:This book provides a basis for understanding the emerging technology of ground source heating and cooling. It equips engineers, geologists, architects, planners and regulators with the fundamental skills needed to manipulate the ground's huge capacity to store, supply and receive heat, and to implement technologies (such as heat pumps) to exploit that capacity for space heating and cooling. The author has geared the book towards understanding ground source heating and cooling from the ground side (the geological aspects), rather than solely the building aspects. He explains the science behind thermogeology and offers practical guidance on different design options. An Introduction to Thermogeology: ground source heating and cooling is aimed primarily at professionals whose skill areas impinge on the emerging technology of ground source heating and cooling. They will be aware of the importance of the technology and wish to rapidly acquire fundamental theoretical understanding and design skills.
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