Beowawe Geothermal Area Evaluation Program, Final Report, with Short-Term Flow Test Summary

Basic Information
Author: J.L. Iovenitti, I.J. Epperson, Jr.
Description:As part of the U.S. Department of Energy's Northern Basin and Range Geothermal Reservoir Assessment Program, Chevron Resources Company conducted several varied exploration programs at the Beowawe Geothermal Prospect, Lander and Eureka County, Nevada under Contract No. DE-AC08-78ET-27101.The exploration effort was divided into two parts. Part I, Preliminary Studies, consisting of a shallow temperature hole program, a mercury soil samplling survey, and a self-potential survey were conducted in order to select the optimum site for an exploratory well. Part II, Beowawe 85-18 Exploratory Well, consisted of drilling a 5,927-foot exploratory well, running geophysical logs, conducting a drill stem test (2937-3208 feet), and a short-term (3-day) flow test (1655 - 2188 feet). This report summarizes all basic data collected by Chevron Resources Company from these studies.
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Organization Name: Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
Street: UNR MS 178
City: Reno
State: Nevada
Zip: 89557
Phone: 775-784-6691
Geographic Extent
North Bounding Latitude: 40.62
South Bounding Latitude: 40.52
East Bounding Longitude: -116.47
West Bounding Longitude: -116.61