A Brief Appraisal of the Ground-Water Hydrology of the Dixie-Fairview Valley Area, Nevada

Basic Information
Author: Philip Cohen, D.E. Everett
Description:The objectives of the reconnaissance studies and, accordingly, the objectives of the study described in this report are to provide reconnaissance appraisals of (a) the source, occurrence, movement, and storage of ground water, (b) the estimated average annual recharge to and discharge from the ground-water reservoir, (c) the chemical quality of the ground water and (d) the perennial yield of the basin.
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Organization Name: Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
Street: UNR MS 178
City: Reno
State: Nevada
Zip: 89557
Phone: 775-784-6691
Geographic Extent
North Bounding Latitude: 40.5
South Bounding Latitude: 39
East Bounding Longitude: -117.5
West Bounding Longitude: -118.41