Bedrock Topography 250k Contoured Depiction of Bedrock Topography in Indiana

Basic Information
Author: Shawn Naylor
Description:BEDROCK_TOPOGRAPHY_250K_IGS_IN.SHP is an ESRI shapefile created with the purpose of providing a high resolution version of bedrock topography data for Indiana. Topographic contours are represented by polylines each with a single value that provides bedrock elevation in feet above sea level.
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Author Contact Information
Distributor Contact Information
Organization Name: Indiana Geological Survey
Street: 611 N. Walnut Grove Avenue
City: Bloomington
State: IN
Zip: 47405
Phone: Missing
Geographic Extent
North Bounding Latitude: 41.8753263852
South Bounding Latitude: 37.5855485155
East Bounding Longitude: -84.6112537721
West Bounding Longitude: -88.4344959596